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Big Woods Music, Christopher Royce: Photos

Midnight Sky, Fools on the Hill, album art

Big Woods: old time, bluegrass & country

Chris Royce: vocals, guitar, bass, banjo
Tim Walker: mandolin, vocals, bass, guitar
Dave Spencer: vocals, guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo
Dan Cunningham: banjo, vocals, dobro, guitar, bass
Warren Ferguson: fiddle, vocals
Bill Erchul: dobro, pedal steel guitar, guitar, bass, vocals
Bill Liles: vocals, piano, keyboard bass
Pete Albrecht: drums, percussion

Midnight Sky: Gentle Jazz

The Skydive Band: Songs of the Fifties, Sixties & Seventies

at the St. Raphael's Church Fair
at the St. Raphael's Church Fair

Christopher and Warren Duo

Christopher and Hugh Duo

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